Blood Sugar Mastery Class

Saturday, November 1, 2014

9:00am - 4:30pm

Best Western Hotel and Conference Center
56 Madera Blvd.
Corte Madera, CA 94925

Has Anyone Told You That Mastering Your Blood Sugar is
the Key to Burning Fat, Curbing Your Carb Cravings
and Maximizing Your Energy?


“You’re Proactive About Taking Care of Your Health... You Exercise,Take Supplements,
You’ve Even Tried Different Diets and Food Eliminations... And You Still Don't Feel Great!
Has Anyone Told You That You Can Conquer Many of Your Persistent Health
Complaints by Mastering this Core Aspect of Your Health--Your Blood Sugar?”

Please join Physical Therapist and Certified Nutritionist Sheila Wagner for a unique & compelling learning experience that transforms your efforts to improve your health into powerful ability to eliminate multiple persistent health complaints and conquer weight loss resistance on your own!

Registration is now open to join this inspiring 6 hour class on
Saturday, November 1st.

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Whether you are an in-demand professional, an on-the-go mom or a business executive, the effort you put in to taking care of yourself should be giving you the energy, focus and strength to tackle your busy day, every day!

"We lost over 12% of our body weight,

gained energy and stamina

and sleep better all without dieting!"

Sheila's Blood Sugar Mastery class was very valuable for us. Using what we learned, we dropped our blood sugars well into the optimal zones, impressing our doctors. Additionally, the impact is visibly dramatic on the outside--within 90 days we lost over 12 percent of our body weight, gained energy and stamina, sleep better and all without experiencing any hunger pangs. We are not "dieting." We've just changed what we choose to eat, whether at home or in restaurants. THere is one downside: six months later, our reduced weight is clearly the new "normal," so we have had to invest in new clothes!

Kevin & Mimi Murphy

If your efforts to improve your health aren’t bringing you boundless energy, ideal weight, the ability to exercise without pain and your mood, sleep or food choices aren’t consistent and stable.........then something is MISSING in your health care regimen!

You know that taking care of your health is a big task,
there is so much to consider:

  • Eat fresh food
  • Take vitamins
  • Manage stress
  • Do your cardio, strength training
    AND stretch
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat enough fiber

I know that you work hard to take care of yourself on your own or with the help from health care professionals. So let me ask you...

have you sought help to improve your health and it’s still not better?
are you tired of always spending money trying to improve your health? .
are you taking supplements but they don’t seem to be helping?
has anyone told you where your symptoms are coming from and how to help yourself?
do you know what the most common mistakes are that people are making when trying to feel better?
do your health issues keep limiting you from reaching your goals or from moving ahead with your projects?
have you tried different diets to lose your belly fat but it just doesn't come off?
have you used HCG but now you are gaining your weight back?  


Frustrated WomanHave You Tried Different Diets & Even Eliminated Certain Foods and You Still Don’t Feel Well?

Most people who have a demanding day and want to be at the top of their game know that they have to eat right so that their health supports them. If you are one of these people who wants to feel your best in order to get the most out of your day then you’ve probably already tried a variety of ways to improve your diet.

Maybe you’ve tried diets of high protein and low carbs or low fat and high fiber, or even vegan, raw or no red meat. Maybe your savvy about food intolerances and you’ve even discovered that eliminating gluten or dairy has been a good thing for you.......but even with that your health is still not supporting you as you know that it should!

Let’s face it, something else is going on and someone hasn’t told you what that is! There are foundational and key aspects about your health that HAVE to be attended to in order to minimize your symptoms. Blood sugar regulation is one of those critical keys that MUST be mastered in order to maximize your health!

Do You Usually Eat Well But Your Daily Overwhelm Pushes you Into Food Choices To Boost Your Energy, Calm You Down or Just Reward Yourself?

Woman at ComputerMaybe you’re someone who really does eat well most of the time. You love salads, you know you need to eat protein and you are good about eating fresh fruit and using olive oil. You really have a much better diet than the average person in the U.S! So your health should be thriving as well, but it's not.

Truth is, you probably ARE eating better than most people and that’s a very good thing. But....if you still have cravings that seem to have you by the tail, belly fat that doesn't budge no matter what you do or you can’t seem to shake late night eating or afternoon fatigue that forces you to grab a food just to perk yourself up, then your health is still suffering and it’s not supporting you in the way that you need it to!

But Here's the REAL Secret to Truly Improving Your Health & Being Able to Maintain it On Your Own!

There are several key aspects to having good health and ideal weight that are basic to creating a strong foundation for being symptom free and feeling great. Meaning, without these key aspects functioning well the foundation of your health is weak and faulty and no matter what you try to do, your health improvement efforts will never completely support you!

Here's the secret: The regulation of your blood sugar and insulin levels is one of the critical keys to having a strong platform for symptom free health and ideal body composition!

The knowledge of how to regulate and manage your blood sugar and insulin levels is NOT proprietary information available only to your doctor!

This is basic knowledge about how your body functions and understanding it is NOT just for those who are at risk for or already have diabetes. This is information that you and everyone else SHOULD know. I see it as your RIGHT to know, your RIGHT to be empowered to take care of your health. This is a chapter in your Optimal Health Ownerʼs Manual™ that you never received!

Obesity, heart disease and cancer have ranked among the top life threatening conditions in the US for a long time. More recent is the understanding that inflammation is a critical issue common to all of these disorders as was published on the front of Time magazine in February, 2004.

The next question you should be asking is:

Q: What is at the heart of creating inflammation?
A: Poorly regulated blood sugar and insulin levels!

You can see why after 30 years of clinical practice I tell my patients that they not only need to learn to manage their blood sugar but that they need to master it! And so my team at Finally Fix Your Health, LLC and I developed this original educational program in order to teach as many people as possible how to take control of their health!

The Blood Sugar Mastery Class
Learn What the Pros Know, Conquer Your Symptoms
& Become a Fat Burning Machine


You will learn that other systems in the body need to be functioning well in order to have good blood sugar regulation. The often overlooked adrenal glands, for example, need to be assessed for their ability to help stabilize glucose levels in the blood. You will be able to take the Adrenal Dysfunction Quiz and get a sense if your adrenal system needs further assessment.
You will learn THE FORMULA for regulating your blood sugar and be able to customize your food plan so that you no longer experience cravings or a desire for late night eating.
You will learn about the best eating patterns regarding time of day and frequency in order to maximize your productivity, stamina and focus.
You will leave knowing specific foods and meal plans that either hurt or help your blood sugar levels and that contribute to your ultimate metabolic balance and optimal weight.
You will learn what turns off your body’s switch to inflammation which is a key to finally reducing belly fat and resistance to weight loss.
You will learn about the critical information published on blood sugar control, inflammation and cancer outcomes. Your exposure to this information can have a profound impact on you and your family and friend’s lives and the prevention of serious and progressive degenerative conditions.
You will leave with a binder full of information, worksheets, recipes and lists that will allow you to have an organized reference at your fingertips whenever you need it!
You will have numerous break through ‘Ah Ha Moments’ during class signaling that your new understanding about how to finally take control of your health is happening! You’ll realize that what you thought was the right health promoting action was actually wrong. You will finally get on track to really owning your progress to optimal health!



Sheila WagnerI am so confident that The Blood Sugar Mastery Class will be incredibly valuable for you that I am giving you a money back guarantee.  If, before the lunch break, you are not completely satisfied with what you are learning, then you can turn in all of your class materials and I will refund you your class registration fee, no problem.


The Blood Sugar Mastery Class
Registration is now open to join this inspiring 6-hour class on Saturday, November 1, 2014
9:00am - 4:30pm

Best Western Hotel and Conference Center
56 Madera Blvd.
Corte Madera, CA 94925


Yes! I am ready to OPTIMIZE my HEALTH and LIVE the LIFE I am MEANT to LIVE with...

Registration: $139

Early Bird Special: $99

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